About the Project

Bethany Village Africa Home was Started a few months ago by a Kenyan couple Joseph Chege and his wife Shiro.
The couple was moved by the enormous poverty levels in the slums of Nairobi. Joseph himself knows this very well as he grew up in a Nairobi slum himself, one of nine siblings his life took a turn when someone supported him and gave him the same opportunity that he is now trying to give to the girls of Bethany Village Africa Home. This support completely changed Joseph's life and gave him a good education and solid moral grounds.
Armed with Faith, compassion and limited resources, the couple decided to take it upon themselves to set up a Children's home to cater for the very vulnerable and extremely poor.
Girls are taken in and provided with shelter, food, education, and healthcare. They help provide them with a secure and loving home. They help prepare them for life by teaching them life-skills and self-reliance at an early age. The goal is to help them reach their highest potential and be responsible citizens.
The children come from different backgrounds but all very challenging and difficult. The ages of the girls range between 5 -15 years old. Most are in Primary School (elementary school) One of the girls' is in high School.
The Home is situated in Nairobi, Kenya.In a suburb called Kahawa west. The home houses 16 Children. Most of the Children came from neighbouring slums. Some came from different parts of the country.
The home is a small haven for them, despite the challenges.
The home is currently looking for people/well wishers to partner with for the smooth running of the Home. Some of the pressing needs of the home are: Food, clothing, medical care,school fees, school uniform which includes shoes,and operational cost.
The home is registered by the government, certificate number FILE SOC/57173.
The funds raised will be spent on items needed for the home and possibly School Fees to cover a period of time and guarantee their access to education. This will be agreed with Joseph, bought and detailed both on this page and a blog that I will start soon.
It was delightful to meet the girls, listen to them and learn about what they want to be when they grow up...

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